Craftsmanship of ITO Manufacturing – Die Set

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1. Design and production based on characteristics of each press

Design, production to a characteristic of the press

We design and create a die set not only based on the drawing but also by visiting client site and having discussion in case if there is no drawing.
We create die sets for many press manufacturers including Kurimoto, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, SMS EUMUCO and Enomoto, so please ask us with confidence.







2. Proposing cost-cut / better-strength

Suggestion:Strength up and Cost cut

We have heard many voices saying “Current die holders are easy to crack” and “Isn’t there any way to cut down the cost?”
We can reduce possibilities of cracks by re-positioning and re-forming knockout pins that used to be easier to crack. In addition, we can decrease unnecessary cost by re-considering materials and their simplification.




3. Data management by measurement inspection

Data management by the measurement data

We manage data by inspecting measurement of guide post clearance, datum level gap and pitches between each process of created die sets.
Using this data, we can work for repair and modification with tight schedules yet guaranteeing quality. Count on us for maintenance after shipped to you.
We can also conduct testing for oil pressure and air pressure piping work.