Delivery process

The flow explained below is a typical process of product delivery.

Sales contact: Inquiry form


Phone: :(0567)68-8875


Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries such as consultation and estimate. Our representative will get back to you shortly.

Confirmation of your inquiry

We will contact you for more details about your inquiry such as whether there are drawing/sketch of products to create, any objects that can explain forms, specification if necessary, purpose of products and their quantity and schedule for delivery. We will then consider and try to make it with high quality, short delivery schedule and low cost.


When you require more detailed consultation, we will arrange meetings separately.


We will provide you proposal and estimate that contain solution beyond your inquiry by considering better quality and lower cost


We will create drawing if there is no drawing.

Molding/Form Processing/Finishing

We will create products from cutting, surfacing and finishing according to the plan/drawing. We can also prepare the materials.

We will inspect created products to check if they have been created the way how its plan/drawing instructed. We can also conduct hydraulic pressure test when necessary.


Delivery and Support Service

We will deliver the products to you according to your requirement by utilizing production management system as well as our process professionals working closely together to manage progress. In addition, we will provide you support service after delivery. ITO MFG.CO.,Ltd.