Craftsmanship of ITO Manufacturing – Metal Mold


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1. Super deep carving

The processing that I carved very deeply.

We have been researching super deep carving without electric discharge.




2. Production of large square/round metal mold

Production of a large square die.

We can create round shapes of up to Phi 1000mm diameter and square shapes of up to 2m 500mm in width and 20t.
Please ask us for any larger metal molds that other manufacturers cannot produce.




3. Solution by CAD/CAM + design techniques

CAD/CAM,Problem solving by design technique

We can perform complex processing by CAD/CAM as well as deep processing using fine-formed special tools by highspeed process machine.
We support your product manufacturing by planning and drawing forms and set them to appropriate position based on our affluent data and experience.



4. Measurement inspection for model and products’ plaster by digitizer

The inspection measurement of the model by the digitizerthe gypsum product.

We always try to improve product quality by measurement inspection to completed metal mold.
Furthermore, we conduct inspection by creating a plaster of the products. As a result, it is possible to check quality of the products before the press trial, reduce unnecessary cost and increase success rate.