About us


About ITO Manufacturing

ITO Manufacturing is a professional company that has the greatest skills and excellent diversity.
With skills experienced and developed in 65 years, we have provided answers to various requirements from manufacturers in automobile, construction, heavy industrial machinery and air transportation industries. Every single staff has pride and professionalism in working at ITO Manufacturing. Our mission is to contribute to local community through manufacturing by innovative new technologies and products.

Mission Statement

“Innovation and Challenge” is our mission.
For better future, we believe that we must improve our technologies by “innovation” and keep doing “challenge” in order to create high-quality products. We promise to contribute to developing our local community through achieving our mission.

The first factory ,The 2nd factory, The 3rd factory .

Message from President

Message from President, who is like a father of every staff

The message from the president

It has been 60 years for keeping “kizuna” (the bonds) with our customers.
“I would like to share with our customers pleasure and happiness that we gain in working together.”
I have been engaged in creating metal mold as the partner of my life.
We have built our company with all of our staff together from a very small factory. There have been various tasks completed with many customers. Every single passion, pleasure and trust has been my treasure in my life. To further brighten this treasure, we have been constantly working for better skills and improved products. We will keep working to create great products with shorter delivery schedule and lower cost by our greatest unique skills.

Corporate Profile

Trade name ITO MFG. Co.Ltd.
President Nobuichi-Ito
Address 202-3,Matsuna,5-Chome,Yatomi-City,Aichi,498-0042,JAPAN
Telephone  +81 567 68 8875
Fax  +81 567 68 3594
Homepage  http://www.ito-seisakusyo.co.jp/
Founded January,1948
Capital 10 millions
Employee 37



1948 Ito iron factory was founded in Minato-ku, Nagoya.
1955 The factory was relocated in Minato-ku, Nagoya.
1961 The factory became a corporation to be ITO MFG. CO., LTD.
1969 The first factory was built in Yatomi with large machinery.
1982 The main factory was relocated to Yatomi.
1987 The second factory was built in Yatomi with machining center, latest technologies such as CAD/CAM and became comprehensive die set manufacturer.
1992 The third factory was built in Yatomi with electric discharge/wire to satisfy needs for diversity.
2005 Introduced large five-face process machine for large die sets and jigs.
2007 Introduced four latest machining center to improve high precision with shorter delivery schedule.
2009 Ecological closed die set mechanism was developed. Its patent is pending.

Our Customers

  • Kobe Steel,Ltd.
  • Kurimoto.Ltd
  • SAMTECH Corp.
  • Daido Steel Co.,Ltd.