Many of us have been working at ITO Mfg. for more than 20, even 30 years. From young to masters, we are all like one family!

About ITO Mfg.
Fifty years since founded, we have been creating metal mold for automobile, ships, heavy machinery, and more.

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Jobs at ITO Mfg.

1. Metal mold creation staff

Metal mold creation staff will not be in an assembly line to create same things every day. You will be creating things that our customers want. We welcome graduates from technical high schools!
2. Sales staff

It has been a half of a century since our company was founded. Sales staff will be visiting our customers to capture their needs and provide feedback of those needs to our engineers like a director.

CAD/CAM staff will be designing data to create metal mold processing according to the product data sent from our customers. Jobs assigned to you will be based on your skill.

Other Information

Qualification No required educational background, about 20 to 35 years age, inexperienced candidates welcome, experienced masters also welcome*Drivers license required

*Seeking those who wish to be a master professional

Those applying for the 2 and 3 jobs above will also have some job training for the 1 job.

Working hours 8:00 to 17:00.About 2 hours of overtime work .
Holiday Sunday.Biweekly Saturday. Year ends and New Year holidays.The Bon holiday of a summer.
Salary Example: Minimum guaranteed monthly salary for 20 years old staff is 180,000 yen. There is a training for 3 months.
Treatment Please experience training of the metallic mold manufacture . A previous occupation salary and age are taken into consideration. One rise in pay.Bonus 2 times per year. Insurance full.

How to apply for a job

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